Little Things Matter

little-things-matterLast week I was in San Diego at a Mentorship Program hosted by Todd Durkin. Approximately 70 fitness professionals gathered from all over the world to learn about themselves, about their business and about life. As I left the conference, I was struck by the thought that ‘little things matter’. I had opportunities over the weekend where I noticed that something as small as buying someone a cup of coffee, taking time to listen and really focus on someone or simply giving someone a hug have made a difference. I am encouraging each of you to do some little things this week. Impact as many people as you can by doing small things, and watch what a difference it makes.

Author: Kelli O'Brien Corasanti

I am a teacher, business owner and author. I am also a certified personal trainer. All of my work consists of helping people learn more about themselves and allowing them to discover their potential. In all that I do, whether it is writing, working with children or helping people to become more fit and healthy, I strive to create positive thoughts and environments and to challenge people to do more than they ever knew they could.