It’s Time to Dance

marcus-dancing-with-momEach year I set a theme to create a focus and structure for my year. For 2014, my theme was “It’s Time to Dance.” When I came up with that theme, I was thinking about many things. It was last December and I was trying to imagine what I wanted to accomplish this year. At the time, one of my main goals was to build relationships within my network. I wanted to continue to find ways to integrate services and knowledge with other holistic practitioners in our area. I wanted to explore opportunities for expanding our facility, and I wanted to continue to build the relationship I have with my 3 children. In particular, I wanted to make sure I was ‘in sync’ with Marcus who would become a senior in 2014 and will be heading off to college very soon.

In addition, I wanted to make more time to ‘play’. I heard a speaker who talked about making business a part of your life rather than making your life a small part of your business. I wanted to make sure that I was LIVING and doing things that made me joyful even when I was not at the Studio.

All of that was in my mind last December, and the word that kept popping up was “Dance”. I wanted to ‘dance’. It was playful and fun, but it also created an image of working together, being in step, creating a rhythm with others that seemed like just the right way to describe what I wanted to happen this year.

Today I sit here a year later looking back and pondering whether I accomplished what I set out to do. The answer is – YES! I created new opportunities through relationships with businesses and practitioners in the community. I have been home more frequently with the kids and able to do more with them than I had the previous years. And I played as well.

What I didn’t anticipate this year was what is happening with my mom. And perhaps that is the most poignant recognition that my theme was accurate. Many of you know that my mom was diagnosed with gallbladder cancer 2 years ago. After undergoing surgery and chemo, she was in remission for the past year. However, in October, we learned that the cancer is back and the prognosis is grim. In addition, shortly after learning this news, she had a stroke. The last couple of months have been dedicated to getting her back on her feet and moving in a way that allows her some independence.

One of the things that my parents always loved to do was dance. They both tell stories of when they were in high school and they would set the record player up on the porch of my mother’s house. My dad and other friends would come over and they would dance on that porch. I have watched my parents dance many times through the years. It makes them both so happy to be in each other’s arms, twirling, jitterbugging and doing the polka. Of course, it has always been fun to watch them as well.

Well, thanks to an inspiration from my friend, Carol Conigiliaro, when we were home over Thanksgiving, my family began to dance. It just worked out that all of us were in the same room, and when I started playing music, the kids began to dance. Eventually, my dad stood my mom up, wrapped her closely in his arms and they danced. All of us watched in wonder at this moment they never thought they would have again.

And then it was time for the boys to step in. My son, Marcus, and my two nephews, Michael and Jon Luke, both took turns dancing with my mom. What a special moment it was for ALL of us! That memory will stay with us for a long time.

My parents will celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary on December 26th. My hope is that they will have another chance to dance on that day – a celebration of a life well-lived, a heart that has given more than her share of kindness in this world, and to honor the relationship and love that my mom and dad have shared for more than 50 years!

For now, however, it’s time to start thinking about a theme for next year. I already have an idea in mind – but what about YOU? If you would like to try this idea, I strongly recommend the book, One Word that will Change Your Life, by Jon Gordon, Dan Britton and Jimmy Page. It will help you focus your thoughts and idea so that you can create a very special 2015!

Love, Kelli

Author: Kelli O'Brien Corasanti

I am a teacher, business owner and author. I am also a certified personal trainer. All of my work consists of helping people learn more about themselves and allowing them to discover their potential. In all that I do, whether it is writing, working with children or helping people to become more fit and healthy, I strive to create positive thoughts and environments and to challenge people to do more than they ever knew they could.