The Edge of a Blade

Have you been watching the Olympics? If you’re like me, you enjoy tuning in to see these young, talented individuals compete for the ultimate prize – an Olympic medal! As I’ve spent the past few days watching the Games, I’ve been struck, as most of us are, by the passion and dedication of these athletes. Their steadfast determination allows them to reach farther, strive harder, and challenge themselves beyond the norm. That single-minded drive is magnetic. It draws each one of us in, and we sit in amazement at what these athletes are able to accomplish.

With the television on this weekend, I began questioning what it is that allows those top three competitors to reach the medal stand. Certainly there are differences in skill levels and talents. Certainly there are bad days and weather conditions to contend with. Yet, when it comes to the cream of the crop – the top handful of competitors who truly have a chance to win – what allows them to rise above the others and cross the line first?

It struck me as I watched the competitions this weekend, that most of the time the difference between a medal and 4th place is something infinitesimally small. Sometimes it is simply the edge of a blade or the tip of a ski. Other times it is the turn of a foot or the plant of a pole. In most cases, there is one small difference that leads to enormous results.

That reminded me of a book called 212 Degrees. Think about this:

At 211°, water is hot. At 212°, it boils. With boiling water comes steam. With steam you can power a train! A one degree change in temperature takes water from being hot to something that generates enough force to power a huge machine!

Many times, small efforts lead to significant results. For example, multi-million dollar sales are made by a single extra phone call. Lives can be changed by small acts of kindness. Olympic medals are won by hundredths of a second!!

As you continue through this week, I hope you will keep this idea in mind. Each small thing you accomplish leads to the next until you finally finish all that you set out to do. You can apply some extra ‘heat’ to any task or activity and reap the rewards of putting in that one ‘extra degree’ of effort! Give a little more time to a customer or family member. Break your ‘to do’ list down into manageable tasks. Make the phone call that needs to be made.
Although not all of us are Olympic athletes, the principle still applies. Seemingly small things can make a tremendous difference!

Have a productive week!

With love,

25 Days In

We are already 25 days into the new year!  My question is – have you done something absolutely incredible to kick off the new year?  Many of us made resolutions and set goals to do something this year that might change our life.  I am just wondering if you have done it. 

If you haven’t, why don’t you start TODAY? 

You wanted to lose weight? Begin by eating better TODAY!.

You wanted to exercise more?  Then get outside and walk TODAY!

You wanted to get yourself out of debt?  Make a plan TODAY!

You wanted to earn more money?  Do something TODAY that will move you toward that goal. 

You are reading this email – this moment – at this point in time for a reason.  You can choose to carry on with your life as it is, or you can use this moment to take action and change.

It is those who take action in the moment that become successful in the world. If you think about it, the wisdom of it is obvious.  The grand irony is that once you get into the HABIT of taking action in the moment you start an avalanche of success that is almost unstoppable.

But, it’s got to start with that very first teeny tiny action.

Decide what one action you can take today that will start moving you toward your goal.  Once you start, the rest will follow.  It’s a matter of taking one step at a time.

I wish you much success as you begin to move forward this week!  Make it a great one!

Love, Kelli


Excerpted in part from the Money and Business Newsletter